Le Petit Paradis is a family
oriented business catering
mainly to nature lovers, looking
for a nice, friendly and very
affordable place to stay on the
nature isle.
At Le Petit Paradis you
have very easy access to:

Sulphur Springs,

Fresh water Lake,

Boeri Lake,

Boiling Lake,

Titou Gorge,

Middleham Falls

Trafalgar Falls
Designed to be in harmony with nature in a
community environment,Le Petit Paradis is a
family owned business located in Wotten Waven
Roseau Valley, Dominica in the south-western
interior of the island.
It is built on our own portion of paradise.

Only fifteen minutes from the capital city
Ideally located at the end of segment 3
and the start of segment 4 of the
WaituKubuli National Trail.
Easy access to hot springs/pools and
Sulphur Spas such as Screws,Tias Sulphur
Spa and Ti Kwen Glo-Cho.
Excellent local cuisine.
Variety of local herbal rums.
Home made rum punch-'The Bullet'
Wotten Waven, Roseau Valley ,Dominica

A hot therapeutic sulphur bath at one
of the natural sulphur spa's  climaxes
each day and prepares you for the
next day's adventure.
Your home away from home
Le Petit Paradis
Telephone: 767440 4352,767448 5946 - restaurant 767276 2761 - mobile
Address: Wotten Waven, Roseau valley,Comm. Of Dominica
      E- mail : l